Sunday 5 February 2017

Our School Introduction

UPGRADE in September, 2014:

New  school-year has started and our  School became  a new structure. Soon we'll have a new official school web site, so some links  in this  blog may be temporary blocked. Our new school web site will be under construction  till  the middle of October,2014.  We work hard, but  we need sometime.

This is our school № 1238. It is situated in Novo - Peredelkino  District of Moscow - City.  The school was founded in 1991.

    Over 770 students study in our school.
   Our teaching staff consists of 49 teachers and 12 of them are teachers of foreign languages.

   Our schoolchildren are participants of municipal and local subject competitions, winners and prizewinners, laureates and winners of awards.
     We are proud of our school-leavers and they enter prestigious Moscow universities every year.


 There are also a lot of different thematic museums in our school too.  But  we have a story about them in another post. READ IT THERE>>>

There were a lot of Celebrities and VIP-guests among the visitors of our school. You can read about them there>>>

Thursday 30 June 2016

Reading for Summer

Dear students of 6-10 forms, Let me remind you, that in september 2016 your teachers are waiting your reports about books you've read this summer!

Monday 11 January 2016

School Drama Club became the prizewinner of International Arts Festival & Contest in Yaroslavl.

   Our congats to the actors  of our School Drama Club (stage director - Severina O.V.) that became the prizewinner of International Arts Festival & Contest in Yaroslavl. 
   The  young actors  performed "Alice in Wonderland" by L.Caroll. 

   Our "Harry Potter and his friends">>>  and  "Canterville Goast">>>  were awarded with first and third prime respectively in сorrespondence tour of International Arts Festival & Contest in Yaroslavl.

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Victory in the Municipal Poetry Recitation Contest

   Pupils from our school Glaskova Sofia  (6V)  and Arakelyan Arsen (5B) took part  in the Municipal Poetry Recitation Contest held in the school named after V.G. Belinskiy inthe centre of Moscow in November, 28, 2015. 

    Sofia won the second place with a poem by Walt Witman  "Oh Captain! My Captain!". Our Congrats!

Thursday 8 October 2015

Our trip to the Exibition-illusion "Alice in Wonderland"

    Pupils of school drama club set off on the excursion devoted to the 150 aniversary after the first issue of L.Carroll's book "Alice in Wonderland".
     The exibition was held in the historical mansion belonged to the Saltikov-Chertkov Family.
    Children were impressed with the stylish decoration to the book.

Friday 4 September 2015

Fantastic trip to Wales!

   This summer a group of pupils from our school, headed by teacher Severina Oksana Vladimirovna, went to the camp in Wales.
    The children experienced there some of breathtaking activities as Zipwire or Quad-biking.
    Besides they tasted traditional English food and improved their English with their leaders, English teaches and new friends from France and Germany.
    And of course they had lots of excursions. This time they visited medieval castles and towns of Wales, national park Snowdonia, they discovered the history of the Beatles in Liverpool and found traces of Alice in Wonderland in Chester.

Thursday 14 May 2015

Weekend with English!

Pupils from our school spent a weekend from 9 to 11th of May in the Litvinovo sanitarium where they had a splendid opportunity to practice their English with a teacher from Ireland Cory.

During the training the children discovered their huge creative abilities as they managed to describe an idea of their unusual toy as well as they made a project of their own country.

The children took part in the surprising Irish quest and had a lot of fun at the evening parties.

All enjoyed the weekend so much as it seemed to us to have lasted at least a week.

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